Friday, May 15, 2009

AR the Blogger Boy

Just as I make “new best friends” everywhere I go, I find “new favorite blogs” almost every time someone mentions that he or she has started one.  Just this week, I’ve added Pardon Power, Our World in 3-D, and The A-train Journal.  Pardon Power is authored by P.S. Ruckman, a former student, and concerns presidential pardons; Our World in 3-D is Rodney Taylor’s blog, and like mine, concerns a little bit of everything; The A-train Journal is being written by Andrew Reed Waltrip and is a photo journal.

This morning when I checked my email, I found a message from Beth Waltrip, one of our best friends in Pensacola and the wife of our “son,” Andy, one of Jay’s best friends and one of “my boys.”  The purpose of Beth’s email today was to let friends know that Andrew Reed, her and Andy’s little 71/2 year old boy, is posting to his very own blog, The A-train Journal.

As soon as I read Beth’s note, I went to Andrew Reed’s blog.  What a work of art!  Since his momma’s a photographer, he’s already traveling with camera in hand and taking really good pictures.  GrammySandy, the name he gave me years ago when he was just a little boy, immediately posted a comment telling him how proud she is of him . . . especially of his composition skills and of his great vocabulary.  All of us bloggers love comments, so I know he’ll like hearing from me.

I also told him that I’m happy to see him calling himself a redneck.  The dictionary definition of a redneck isn’t very complimentary; however, people from parts other than the South have used the term about us for so long and so unkindly that we Southerners are tired of it and have decided among ourselves that it’s not such a bad term.  We like rednecks.  They’re good country people.  And little AR is a country boy.  He and his family live out from Pensacola in the Perdido area.  I love to go to their home because it’s so peaceful, a bit like our place out here in The Land of Enchantment, in solitude and quietness, that is.  In appearance, quite different . . . think “green, lush” when you try to get an idea of their place. 

I hope you’ll check my blogroll sometime and give yourself the pleasure of reading Andrew Reed’s blog and looking at his photos.  Tell him that you read about him on GrammySandy’s blog.  He’ll get a real kick out of that!

(Just a little aside . . . AR isn’t an only child.  He has a very creative, energetic, equally-as-handsome-as-he younger brother, Wil Tyler.  Someday I’ll write about him!)




db dennis waltrip said...

"Well, thanks for checking my brother's blog. He's really good at making stuff. Please write back a note. GrammySandy, I love you and because i love you i have a heart of strength. Andrew has it too. We just play and play and play. Well, there's a picture on Andrew's blog from when he carried me. Well, we have a big back yard with GrammySandy's sailboat in it. Please write back something good and i will mail you if you mail me! This little chick says cheep cheep cheep! He's saying there's lots of Easter eggs. I love you. From Wil Tyler"

db dennis waltrip said...

"GrammySandy, thanks for checking the blog. I really am glad that we could go to the restaurant to see ya and take pictures. I love you. Thanks, from Andrew."

Frank 'n' Sandy said...

Happy Friday afternoon to my favorite little Pensacola boys! I, too, am happy that we could meet at the restaurant for lunch. Our getting together was a real highlight for my trip. A visit to Pensacola just wouldn't be the same without some special time with the Waltrips! One of my favorite pictures on your blog, AR, is the one in which you're carrying WT. It shows so much love between the two of you. And did you know that showing that kind of love is like showing the love that Jesus has for us? He carries us along every day, doesn't He? I'm so glad that you have our old sailboat in your yard! It makes Pop and me feel so good to know that the two of you, plus all of your friends, are enjoying it. That would make Jay happy, too, because being on that boat (Snoopy) was one of his favorite places to be. You two boys are a big part of my heart, and I love you. Now, here's a little instruction from GrammySandy. I want you two and your momma to get in a tight little circle and hug each other for me. Hang in there, all of you . . . Daddy will be home soon!!

Lots of love,

Candy said...

Sandy, you are too sweet...I enjoyed your blog again today..and enjoyed learning of these folks I see commenting on Facebook (although I knew Pete back in the day from band, I had no idea he had been up to so much.)I appreciate your pointing me to his blog as well as his upcoming book! I can just see him in my mind as you describe his antics...I guess we saw more of that side of him in band!!! Todd came well after my time, but I enjoyed learning of his impact on your life through Facebook as well. I'll be watching for further postings....