Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Double K

I lived in the South for all but the last ten years of my life, which began in Shreveport, LA. Then my parents and I lived in Baton Rouge, LA; Mobile, AL; New Orleans, LA; and Pensacola, FL. My husband and I lived in Clinton, MS and Pascagoula, MS. Next we moved to Pensacola, a second time for me. So you can see that I’m a real Southern girl . . . not a Southern Belle, you understand . . . because I think of Belles as coming from wealthy families. My family didn’t have money. Oh, we weren’t poor, but we probably had a little redneck in us. By “redneck” I don’t mean that we used poor grammar or rode dirt bikes in the back woods or had tattoos or knew moonshiners. My folks and I were just plain Southern. And even though my family is now in New Mexico, I’m still Southern.

The reason I emphasize so much my Southern roots is that Double K is an important part of every true Southerner’s life. We know that no proper Southerner would drive past a certain green-roofed building with a red HOT sign flashing. No matter what time of day or night, we stop. I think it’s against the law not to.

By now, you might have guessed that Double K means Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and  Southern-to-the-core folks love ‘em!

I can hardly remember a time that Krispy Kremes weren’t a part of my “diet,” my favorites being crullers and hot glazed. The sweet things first came to life in 1937 with the recipe of a French chef from New Orleans, but they weren’t original in the Crescent City. The first KK doughnuts were made for sale in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Until just a few years ago, Krispy Kremes were known only in the Southeast, but now they’re all over the United States, though still probably most prevalent in the South. I remember when the first store opened in Washington State, where most of my in-laws live. My sister-in-law said that the line for getting into the place wrapped all the way around the outside of the building. Evidently, the crowds kept heading for the Southern sweets for several months before business became normal.

We’re going to Pensacola in just about a week, and I can assure you that we’ll be scoping out Krispy Kreme stores all along the way. We know for sure that something bad will happen to us if we don’t stop if that red HOT sign is flashing!

My hero with his favorite breakfast!



Susan Scott said...

Lovely thank you! Krsispy Kreme! Love what you say about it being against the law to drive past the flashing sign!

Me said...

Nice shots and a great post. :)

elegsabiff said...

KK just hit Edinburgh and there was apparently a 4 HOUR queue. I am quite scared to try one in case I get addicted!

Joyce Lansky said...

I guess I'm a southern transplant because I don't eat Krispy Kremes here in Memphis, but other folks love them. Have you seen the Krispy Kreme calendar? It's pretty bad.

Liz Blackmore said...

KK tried breaking into the Canadian marketplace. They have a lot of competition with Tim Horton. There are a few others who have still held their own against Timmy H, like Country Style or Robins. I am not sure if anyone would replace Tim Hortons though.
I know that they are in the US now, but they are not doing well against KK by any means.
I had to chuckle too at the "against the law" sentence! Good history lesson. Thanks Sandy!

Marcy said...

Yummm. The tool delish.

Marcy said...

The self correcting spelling on my kindle is driving me crazy! Sorry about the misspellings.