Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for THANK YOU

I have never understood why some people have so much trouble thanking people. Saying “Thank you” just comes naturally to me. I’m not bragging; I’m just stating a fact.

I have given people gifts and been amazed that they haven’t thanked me. At one time in her life, our granddaughter didn’t thank us for gifts, but now that she’s an adult, “thank you” just rolls off her tongue so naturally.

Our grandson has come around to thanking earlier than his sister did, but then, he’s not a teenager yet, and that’s when Corey stopped thanking us.

It always makes me feel so good when teachers on the other side of my webinars thank me for being with them. It makes me feel even better if they accompany the thanks with applause!

And so I close this short piece by saying, “Thanks for reading my words” if that’s what you’re doing!


Joanne said...

Can't be that difficult right?
I'm trying to rid myself of saying "Have a good one," it's quick to say but kind of meaningless and I cringe when people say it to me. Have a good afternoon, Have a good evening, I think I need to complete the thought rather than leave it hanging. "Have a good one." Have a good what?
But on the other hand, people tend to thank me.
"Have a good one."
"Thanks. You too."

Happy A-Z

Stephen Tremp said...

And thank you for helping to make A to Z Challenge a smashing success!

Stephen Tremp
A to Z Co-host
V is for Vortex (the paranormal kind)

Marcy said...

Thank you for your blog and your posts. I enjoy reading them!