Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 10 -- February 11, 2015

Do you think it’s possible to dream that you’re not sleeping? I do. And that’s what happened to me last night. I thought I was awake most of the night, but I really don’t think that’s what happened. Anyway, just to be sure that I do sleep and that I feel as though I have, I have a plan for tonight.

Today was Doctor Day in Pensacola for us. We never have found an optometrist in New Mexico. We like to go to Doug Boyd, our doctor in Pensacola for years . . . actually, decades. He is working a couple of days a week at Sam’s Club in their Optometry/Optician Shop, and Wednesday is one of those days. Ten o’clock found us waiting for Doug. In addition to having our eyes examined, we get to catch up on family talk. Always fun.

Between appointments, I spent a little bit of money at a great sale at Chico’s. We ate at Taco Bell for lunch. Strange, huh? New Mexicans eating at Taco Bell? Actually, we like the restaurant!

At 1:40, I had an appointment with my ear doctor. I never have even tried to find a doctor in Santa Fe because having my doctor here assures me of trips back to my hometown. My ear doctor just happens to be one of my favorite former students, Derek Jones, graduate of the Class of 1985 at Woodham High School. He looks just like he did in high school and is the same sweet person that he was thirty years ago. I always feel sorry for those with appointments after mine because he takes so much time with me. I have this crazy, oft-operated-on ear that has to cleaned out at least once a year. Since I hadn’t been to Derek since October 2013, he had lots of cleaning to do. Pretty much painful. At one time during the cleaning I told him that if he dug any further, he’d be digging out brains. I can’t afford to lose any! We have such a good time catching up on his family. Makes it worth the pain! I can’t believe that his oldest child is a freshmen at Florida! Where has the time gone since he was in my class?

On our way back to Jo’s, Frank took a little detour for us to look at a small motorhome, a Chevy Roadtrek. It was beautiful . . . a 2011 with only 10,000 miles on it. We almost bought it, but Frank, sometime during the night, decided that we had other things to use our money on right now. Probably a good decision!

After visiting a while with Jo, we went to Coach-n-Four, a restaurant not far from her house, to meet friends and family for dinner. I had written Facebook messages to Neal Kinard, Nancy Strebeck, Linda (Blossom) Bloom, and Gloria Byrd, longtime friends who were in our Singles Department at First Baptist Church way back when. Also got in touch with my Little Brother, Bob, and asked him and Trish to join us. Everyone except Neal, who has a job at First Baptist and has to be at Wednesday night services, met us. What a great time we had catching up and remembering old times!

I’m a connoisseur of fine seafood, and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t get any better that what we always have at Coach-n-Four! I had shrimp and oysters, fried of course, and they were scrumptious!! I forgot to order mud bugs (actually little crawfish bites) for an appetizer for everyone, and later I was glad that I forgot. We always treat Bob and Trish, but somehow they talked the waitress in to giving them the check for the four of us. So . . . I’m glad I didn’t add more to the bill. Thanks, Little Brother!

I told you earlier that I had a plan for a good night’s sleep. We stopped at Walgreen’s on the way back to Jo and Fred’s and I bought Aleve PM to help me sleep and also to alleviate the pain in my knee and back, always with me. It worked!!

Jo and Fred went to bed very early because they had to get up at 4:00 so that Fred could take Freddie to the airport. He has a new job (he’s a pilot) and had to fly to Pittsburg for his physical before he begins the job on Monday.

Very good night’s sleep!!

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