Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 5 -- February 6, 2015

The strangest thing has happened. I noticed just after we sailed away from Galveston that my iPhone time was six hours ahead of what it should be. At first, I thought that our room was possessed because Frank’s and Claudia’s iPhones still had the correct time.  A little while later, theirs changed, too. HaHaHaHa! I was not alone. When I went to buy hair spray last night, I received a little piece of paper saying that there would be a BIG SALE today . . . everything $10.00 . . . and one of the items listed was watches! I knew I’d be heading to that store at 10:00 to get a timepiece.

Oh, my goodness, but they were strange looking, really ugly for the most part—black, white, blue, and pink watchbands about an inch wide and huge faces. Lots of “jewels” on them. But I was desperate because I always look at my iPhone when I wake up during the night. I managed to find the “prettiest” one, though. You’ll see a photo of it. I have thought my problem through, though, and I had already decided that if all the lovely watches were gone by the time that I arrived at the store, I could just subtract six hours from the time on my iPhone and be right on target! I’ll probably have to do that anyway since I won’t be able to turn the light on to see the face on my beautiful new watch.

Claudia, Ivan, Frank, and I went to breakfast a little after 8:00 this morning and managed to sit and talk until time for the big sale. The food on the ship is delicious, and as usual we all ate heartily. Actually, my sea legs aren’t working as well as I’d like them to, so my tummy didn’t want as much as my eyes did. All I had was half a grapefruit, half a bagel with cream cheese, some kind of passion fruit juice, and coffee.

Yesterday, when we were surfing the TV channels, we found out that Todd Somebody was going to tell us all about shopping in Cozumel on Saturday. I’m sure he had good suggestions for us, but with my poor hearing and his fast talk, I didn’t learn much. I don’t think the four of us are your typical Carnival Cruise folks because we don’t jump up and down and get all excited about freebies. Maybe we’re just too old! Anyway, I enjoyed the hour, and I did see some things advertised on slides that I’d like to check out tomorrow. Sandy Dorsett, you mentioned one of Todd’s favorite places to shop, and we’ll check out the restaurant that you mentioned. Thanks!

When we went to lunch, Frank chose a table close to the swirl ice cream so that he wouldn’t have to walk far to get to it. Good idea, but in a rather noisy part of the buffet. That’s OK, though. We’ve gotten used to hollering across the table to each other! Dinner is different. Much more subdued at the time that we eat, so I’m looking forward to that.

Frank and I came back to our room after lunch, intending to go to a meeting with Claudia and Ivan at 4:00. The meeting was about shopping for jewelry and not getting gypped. When they knocked on our door before going, they woke both of us up. Nap time took over novel time for us. We opted out of the meeting, asking them to knock just before 6:00 when we’d go to dinner with them.

Because we wanted to have an assigned table for the four of us, Ivan managed to get us changed to another dining room—Paris—for the remainder of our evenings. We had to go up in the elevator two or three decks, through a casino, past photographers taking quality photos, and down a deck to get to it. Just about the same as the other one, but smaller.

Our waiter was very nice, very efficient, but he knew our names ahead of time and insisted on calling me Sandra, my real name, but one that I hate. Frank told him that we’d like it better if he called me Sandy, but he almost poo-pooed that request and continued to address me as Sandra. After about three times, I asked him if he’d be our waiter for all the meals, and he proudly said, “Yes!” I then asked him to call me Sandy, and he listened. I was Sandy the rest of the evening. We’ll see if he remembers on Saturday.

Again . . . a delicious dinner! I have photos this time (if I can get them to post), but I need to explain that my starter, stuffed mushrooms, looks really icky. They were delicious! The ribs were to die for, but I had so many that I didn’t eat anything else on my plate. Butter pecan ice cream for dessert. It was just butter pecan ice cream, nothing special but good.

When we were in the middle of our dinner, a loud DJ started announcing that we’d have music! Oh, dear . . . more noise. But he sang (yes, the DJ sang) only one song, and all of us old folks in the room joined him in a rollicking rendention of “That’s Amore.” Lots of fun, but we were happy that he really was just advertising his DJ gig in another room later that night.

Claudia and Ivan went exploring after dinner. They found a quiet little bar last night, and they probably visited it again. We wound our way back to our room and discovered that we could get our favorite Friday-night TV programs—Hawai’i Five-0 and Blue Bloods. As I said earlier, we’re not the typical cruisers. We’re having a wonderful time just being Sandy and Frank!

Tomorrow, we’ll be off the ship . . . in Cozumel!

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