Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sandy and Frank's Winter Odyssey

This is the second year that Claudia and Ivan Robbins, our good friends in Cerrillos, and Frank and I have planned a trip together. Last year, we went to New Orleans for a few days' stay at a Wyndham property. If you're familiar with Wyndham, you know that you have to sit through two hours of begging you to either buy initially or, as in our case, to add to what you already own. Both of us couples were armed to the teeth with "No thank you!" and managed to get out with only our prizes for attending, one of which was a "free" cruise that cost each couple only about $600. Pretty good price, we thought.

So we chose our dates and set off on February 2, 2015, bound for Galveston, TX, where we'd board the Carnival Triumph, with a few stops along the way. I kept daily journals along the way, the ones for February 2 - 8 being with Claudia and Ivan; the ones for February 9 - 12 with just Frank and me and lots of friends and relatives.

I posted all of this on Facebook as we went along, and friends LIKED and COMMENTED and sometimes just LOOKED at our adventures. All of the comments are priceless and remain on Facebook. Just wanted to save the journals here and photos here.

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