Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 11 -- February 12, 2015

Yesterday was our second and last day in Pensacola. I’ve NEVER had such a short visit, and I hope I NEVER have another visit that short! Just didn’t get to do as much as I like to do or see as many people as I like to see. But time was short this time.

After a little more catching up with Jo and a cup of coffee, we set off for Destin. A couple of years ago, in a weak moment (Frank says that it was all my fault), we succumbed to purchasing a Wyndham membership. Ours is a very small buy, but we enjoy using our points every once in a while, trying not to lose them in September. Our destination in Destin, Beach Front Cottages, would use up some of the points.

We found the cottages easily, but ours wasn’t ready yet, so we went to Pompano Joe’s for lunch. Started my beach photos there, and you’ll see them below. I had Popcorn Shrimp Salad. Very good, but they surely do waste all that rabbit food on me. I eat all the goodies off the top and send the rest back with the waiter.

After lunch while we were waiting for our room to be cleaned, we found the theater that we wanted to go to tonight. We seldom go to movies, but this one would be our third in just over a month. The first two were Unbroken and American Sniper, both so good and ones that everyone should see. The one for tonight is Black or White. It turned out to be one that everyone should also see. Such a great theme! And a happy ending!

As we were looking for the theater, I spied my favorite store, Chico’s, and determined to have at least a short visit there before leaving Destin.

When we entered our cottage, we found a lovely little apartment, just right for us, and spent the afternoon in it, just catching up on emails and taking a peek at chosen junk mail.

Since we had had a rather late lunch, we went to our early movie before eating dinner. We located the RedBrick Pizza Café just outside and theater and decided to go there after the movie. We always arrive a bit early so that we can get a good seat. Hmmm . . . very strange. We were the first ones there, and we weren’t THAT early. A few minutes after we chose the best seats in the house, another couple came in and sat a few rows behind us. Would you believe that we four were the only ones in the theater? Black and White (Kevin Costner) was one of the best movies we’ve seen, right up there with The Blind Side. I’ll probably order the DVD so that we can show it when we have guests if they want a good story, lots of laughs, and some tears.

The pizza was very good!! Tomorrow will be our last day of real vacation. Somehow, we always manage to squeeze in a lot in a little time. Don’t you agree?

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